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The awareness Center is continually adding new classes and therapies to aid you with your healing and growth. For our monthly calendar, click the link below to see what classes/workshops are being offered.

Reiki I: Permanently opens you to the path of Reiki energy. You are lovingly taught how to use Reiki on yourself and others, and how to access your higher self. (Book and certification granted for each level)

Reiki II: Further enhances the Reiki energy and teaches you the symbols for distant healing, mental and emotional balance and focusing energy. It prepares you to be a certified Reiki Practitioner. (Book and certification granted for each level)

Reiki III (Reiki Teacher Training): For those who wish to teach and certify others in Reiki. (Book and certification granted for each level)

Reiki for Kids: This class will focus on teaching kids the color and placement of the Chakra's, introduce them to Reiki and the ability to heal.It is designed specifically for kids ranging from ages 5-10 years old. Coloring drawing, games, storytelling and relaxation techniques are used.

Remember Mama: Explores our first and fundamental relationship-the relationship with our mother. This is a highly emotional, controversial, and primary relationship, that sets the standards for most of our relationships. With the help of Hypnosis, unlock and unleash the emotions tied up with our primary relationship. For men and women.

All about Me: A weekend retreat that allows us to learn and explore our relationships with our selves and how it affects our relationships with others. Cost of food not included.


Weight Loss Workshop: This three part work shop explores the reasons we hold onto excess weight, using a balance diet to maintain a healthy weight and overall health. Hypnosis is also used to reprogram the mind in order to help you loose excess weight.

Meditation Workshop: An in depth workshop that teaches individuals exactly how to meditate and relax. We focus on the breathing techniques to help you reach a deep state of meditation and teach you how to stay focused during your meditation.

To see a schedule of classes please CLICK HERE to view our calendar

Referral Program

We greatly appreciate referrals from our clients and offer a $25 credit towards a future therapy for each referral!

A free 1/2 hour consultation is also offered with your 1st appointment

We also offer a sponsorship program for the Reiki I and II classes. When you get five people to attend the Reiki class, your class is free! For more details please e mail us at


  • Phone consultations to be paid by credit card prior to appointment
  • Payment by cash or credit card at the time of your appointment.
  • All cancellations will be made at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.



STOP Smoking - $250, 1 1/2 Hours
Weight Loss/Regression Therapy/All Other Hypnosis - $150, 1 hour
A free 1/2 hour consultation is also offered with your 1st appointment


Individual Class - $699, 4 classes 3 hours per class
Group Class - $450, 4 classes 3 hours per class


Reiki Healings - $150 each, 1 hour therapy with Michelina - prices vary for other practitioners
Reiki I Class - $250, 8 hour class
Reiki II Class - $350, 8 hour class
Reiki III Retreat/Class - $899 + Lodging and food

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