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When having your baby with Birthnosis®, you will be completely awake and involved in the birth of your baby. You will be completely relaxed and totally aware of what is going on around you. Even though, you are completely relaxed, you will be aware of when your baby starts telling you that it is time for him or her to come into the world. Your birth partner will be helping you to remain focused and relaxed using the techniques that they will learn. Your birth partner will be fully involved in the birth of your baby.

You will be fascinated as you view Birthnosis® tapes and pictures of mothers awake, alert and in good humor as they experience the kind of natural and relaxed birth that every woman and couple should experience. Birthnosis® helps you to recognize and release your fears associated with birth. You will learn to trust your body and work with it to obtain the most comfortable and relaxed birth possible. When your baby tells you it is time, you will be able to enjoy the excitement of aiding your baby's arrival.

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Advantages of Birthnosis®

  • Elimination of Fear-Pain before, during and after birthing through relaxation
  • Calmer, better natured, and more alert babies
  • Relaxation reduces fatigue during labor, leaving the mother fresher and with more energy for the birth of her baby
  • Knowledge to eliminate/lessen the use of medication for delivery
  • More involvement, before, during, and after the birth of the baby, by the birth partner
  • Helps to increase the bonding between the mother, baby, and birthing partner
  • Makes for faster recovery period after the birth of the baby
  • Empowerment to obtain the calm, natural birth you desire.

You Will Learn

  • Empowerment to have the calm, natural birth you desire
  • Where the myth that labor equals pain originated
  • To eliminate Fear - Pain through understanding and relaxation
  • A better understanding of the changes that accompanies pregnancy
  • Knowledge to eliminate/lessen the use of medication for delivery
  • How your body creates it's own natural anesthesia
  • How the birth partner will help you remain focused throughout the birth
  • How the birth partner will be fully involved in the birth of your baby
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A Few Words from our Parents

"We are so happy with our baby and have wonderful memories of a beautiful, natural delivery. Ashley smiles when she sleeps, and I know it was a great experience for her as well!!
Lots of Love and Thanks to you!"

~Michael & Lisa

"Giving birth to our daughter with the help of Birthnosis has been the most empowering experience I have ever had. I am so grateful Michelina was able to make our child's entrance into the world the truly miraculous experience we, and every woman or couple, could ever hope for."

~Karen & Mark

"Thanks again for being part of bringing our daughter into the world. She is so precious to us. You can use her photos to show people how alert Birthnosis babies arrive."

~Marie & Jessie

"Thank you a million times for all you have given to us and for making our birth painless, loving and spiritual. I am so thankful for being guided to you. We hope you know how special you are to us & that you are and always will be a part of our family. We love you both."

~Cathy & Billy